Weaving virtuality into the real world
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Weaving virtuality into the real world
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Augmented Reality offers buyers an exciting shopping world and serves all categories of products for an smart decision-making process. You can easily try on virtual sunglasses on the screen, for example, and put them on your nose in real time and in photo-realistic quality. All you have to do is scan your face with the smartphone / computer / tablet camera and dive into and adventurous shopping world. Colors, shapes and even different textures are displayed so realistically you want to grab them.

Without leaving the platform of the shop, the article can be added to the shopping cart or ordered immediately.

The void of physical confrontation with the product when shopping online is replaced with entertainment and magic by AR.


Try before you buy

Give your customers the tools to virtually try on eyewear, watches, jewelry and products alike to have them make an informed purchase from the comfort of their home instead of physically going to the store to try them out.

Let them explore handbags and envision wearing different hats. Cut down the amount of returns while making shopping easier: recommend sizes and styles resulting in a more accurate depiction for a satisfying, conscientious purchase.


Additional information such as prices, delivery times, optional colors or alternative product recommendations are available unobtrusively to simplify the purchase decision.

Endless use cases

Jewelry, glasses, clothing, interior – the possibilities of producing a 3D version from 2D products are almost limitless.

Social media

All images can be shared via messenger and all social networks. High quality pictures will soon be able to reach a lot of people.


Creation of realistic 3D models of your products. We digitize in the studio, edit existing models and convert photos into 3D form.

Current market Issue


People tend to avoid visiting stores and using test products due to social distancing rules and sanitary pracautions

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People can experience products even if they do not directly touch them, through detailed AR technology of ARI

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