Add magic to restaurant orders
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Add magic to restaurant orders
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Miraculous Menus

Present food menus in an innovative 3D visualization to create an effectful, new dining experience for your customers.

Food is not just taste; people are visual creatures that’s why aesthetics play a big role when it comes to food choices. Augmented Reality is the closest form of actually seeing a dish on the table and helps to decide what to order. Provide additional information on calories, ingredients (important for allergy sufferers), nutrition etc. Uplift your sales by recommending beverages and offering meal combos.

Customers are interested in how a product is sourced, where ingredients come from and how recipes are created. Inspire your customers and use AR to tell exciting stories about the food offered.


New ways of presenting food

Present food in a more attractive, unique way and allow customers to preview their prospective order in a mouth-watering visual 3D image. Grab attention engaging guests with a new way of ordering food and enjoy the pleasant side effect of getting advertised throughout social media platforms by your customers by just presenting food in a spectacular feature.

Eat with your eyes

Fulfill your customers’ expectations before they even ordered their meal. Evoke mouth-watering emotions by showing them what to anticipate. A more enjoyable taste experience by matching food perceptions with reality.

No installation of a separate app necessary to view and interact with AR elements.


Size, texture, ingredients, presentation – don’t leave your customers out in the blue. Make them happy with an easier decision-making process when ordering from the menu


Be the trailblazer in ordering menus. Become the place everybody talks about.

Increase in sales

Nice images encourage people to look at more options and thus support cross-and upsells.

Go viral

Shareable visuals will have customers promoting restaurants and their unique menu on social media platforms. Cut costs for advertisement tremendously and receive the best reviews.

Current market Issue


The current situation with topics such as social distance rules and strict hygiene measures requires beauty shoppers to go new ways in dealing with makeup testers and product samples.

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With the latest in augmented reality technology, ARI builds a bridge to the virtual shopping world to test products without having to enter a physical store.

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