Manage Facebook advertisement campaigns effortlessly like never before. Umzzi is your one-step solution that lets you operate presettings, optimized ads, automated target settings and analyze their effects on your channel in a structured overview.

Be at the helm of your online business with insights and statistics right on display.

Search words

Retarget adverts to users who visited your portal site for maximum reachability of your target group.

Online shop

Fill the shelves of your store automatically by registering products to your shops’s page once a day and manage real-time out-of-stock and price changes.


Attach a Facebook „Save“ button to your detail page so customers can easily file products. They will then get notified on their Facebook page.

Optimized ad strategy

Survey your ads.

Budget and segment them for a most effective performance strategy.


Know the score of statistics and analytics of your activities on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and profit from various functions for your SNS management.

gundolle is your social media integrated analysis tool that helps you manage multiple SNS accounts on one structured display with insights right on your hand.

Insights and statistics

Measure the efficiency of your marketing plan by analyzing your SNS accounts.


Connect with customers, respond to comments instantly, answer questions and engage in discussions.

Stay in touch

Post content up to 20 times a day to all your linked SNS channels


Gain more engagement with giveaways and draw the lucky winner from your user list.


Conduct conversations with your customers any time anywhere with our progressive chatbot solution. A smart dialog system to answer questions and inquiries for best customer service. Your virtual assistant chats with your clients in real-time solving problems and guiding them on their shopping trip in order to create an enjoyable experience.

Recommend products and inform about the status of order & delivery through Chatsparrow.

Online shopping

Create a branded design with a chatbot optimized for online shopping. Never miss a chance to engage and convert visitors.

Helping hand

Save time by automated responses. When questions get too complex, the bot refers the conversation to a human agent, ensuring a great experience for your customers.

Built with ease

Customize chatbot elements to suit your specific business challenges. Branch-oriented templates designed by our professional developers help you launch your first chatbot easily within minutes.

Increasing demand

Keep your business up and running 24/7/365, extend your customer experience with our chatbot solution.

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