“The Matrix” becomes reality

Sue May

Sue May

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Do you still remember the movie “The Matrix”? In 1999, Keanu Reeves aka Neo and others fought in a simulated reality, a computer-generated dream world.

If you look at today’s development in VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) technology, this film no longer seems to fulfill this dream-world character very much. The digital world is constantly evolving, and many talented, creative minds are working to blur the boundaries between reality and the virtual world. Interactive elements (think of Pokemon Go for example) are superimposed on real images and appear so real that you want to grab them. The virtual trophies were suddenly so popular that in reality thousands – young and old – went hunting for them.

In order to be able to use this technology, a data center is no longer required: anyone who owns a modern smartphone can participate, making augmented reality accessible to everyone this way. Another example from our everyday life in which virtual images overlay the real ones are AR filters e.g. on social media. On Instagram you can grow rabbit ears in seconds or put tiger stripes on your face. We are no longer surprised at these pictures. It has long since become normal and is only moderately impressive.

Online sellers benefit from this technology. For example, you can virtually test cosmetics. Lipstick, eye shadow, blush, nail polish – each product can be placed over your own selfie as a filter. You can test all colors and shapes in real time and in perfect image-quality and even share them with your friends via Messenger. Especially in times when hygiene is more important than ever, such filters are helpful when making a purchase decision.
Jewelry for Mother’s Day, a pretty necklace for her birthday, a new watch for your sister? It is very difficult to imagine what jewelry looks like when worn. This is where online shops can offer the AR filters: You can virtually stick every ring in your range to your finger, put every chain around your neck, wear every watch on your wrist.

With additional information about ingredients, prices or supplementary products, this technology fills the void of not physically grasping articles. This “magical” shopping experience is forward-looking: environmentally friendly in many aspects (no traveling to shops, no testers thrown away, receipts etc.), accessible around the clock, everything from the virtual shelf can be tested / viewed as often as you want, no waiting in line, no search for a parking space, no time pressure. The list can be continued.

“Augmented Reality will come in a big way and if she does, we will wonder how we lived without her.” – Tim Cook

But AR is much more than just a pastime on the smartphone. This technology is used in many different reputable areas such as in medicine, engineering, sports or by companies for training purposes without having to let employees travel around the world.

The real world will increasingly blur with the virtual one. It remains to be seen which areas will be digitally developed next.



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