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Sue May

Sue May

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Books, information, social exchange … the Internet has digitally changed our daily lives forever. In our everyday technology, nothing is impossible, and it has long become normal to order even your toilet paper and toothpaste online. The selection of products is limitless, the ordering process is convenient, no closing times, travel routes or queues.

Similar to how the Internet influences our shopping behavior, the latest technology has an impact on the way goods are sold. Test makeup, put on sunglasses, try on shoes – all this virtually and by the way. During the lunch break, on the couch while we’re queuing somewhere. This makes our lives comfortable and practical, because a shopping trip through 253 stores is exhausting and time-consuming.

Retailers and boutiques are increasingly struggling to survive their retail space. In order to survive in the market, reach customers and sell goods, they have to restructure their strategies. The online venue can certainly be seen as an opportunity to test new sales methods: trends, styles and current developments can be explored in digital showrooms.

The lack of physical contact with products is on the contra side for online customers. Sometimes the imagination is not enough to click on the “Buy” button for clothing, jewelry or cosmetic items. Do these jeans really fit me? The sunglasses are not too small? The lipstick too pink? The clock too big?

Augemented Reality transforms the online shop space into a virtual, magical experience, conjures up the catwalk in the living room and turns everyone into a makeup artist.
AR is practically a new version of the real environment, enhanced by overlaid digital images. Accessible via any browser and can be used with all devices: desktop, tablet and smartphone, no additional products such as headsets or VR glasses required. A powerful, innovative tool to win (new) customers and present products in an interesting way.

Who makes buying decisions for furniture, clothing and makeup alone? AR makes it possible to share pictures of your favorites on social networks and to get “expert advice” from friends or the community.
“You rarely buy sunglasses without trying them on,” says Il Jung, managing director of Perfect Storm GmbH, a company that specializes in the use of AR in retail. “With our software, we combine realistic looks and usability with actual size, fit and proportions. We use a very detailed model of the glasses that present shadows and glare together with colors and materials for a realistic look. The 3D image perfectly matches the facial image of the user. For that everyone can find the ideal sunglasses online. “

In the current situation, online shopping is the access of choice to products and trends. Let yourself be enchanted and inspired by the wondrous world of augmented reality.

Company contact

Perfect Storm GmbH
Geschäftsführer: Il Jung, Tan Nguyen
Am Kronberger Hang 3
65824 Schwalbach a.Ts.
Telefon: +49 (0)6196 9520 617

Press contact

Sue May
Telefon: +49 (0) 6196-9520614

About Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm specializes in digital marketing consulting, creative strategic planning, social media, and AR / VR / MR technology. There is nothing we cannot digitize.
Immerse yourself in the world of AR shopping! All products directly on your screen: check which makeup you like, whether the shoes match your style and the sunglasses match your haircut.

Your solution for the absence of the presence.

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