Digital lipstick instead of product testers on the shelf

Sue May

Sue May

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The pandemic outbreak of the Coronavirus, Covid-19, has eventually also tackled the beauty industry. In order to protect employees and clients, stores of big cosmetic brands closed their doors temporarily for precautionary reasons. Too risky to spread the virus in client contact and cosmetic testing. Augmented reality offers a great alternative in times like these. An innovative shopping experience that lets people engage with their brands in an absolutely safe way.

“To slow down the spread”, states @douglas_cosmetics, appointments with the makeup artist, as well as trying out products in the shop, are suspended. But where one door closes, the next one opens … virtually: mail ordering and online shopping are lucrative alternatives to the physical in-store shopping experience: Anywhere, at any time, without searching for a parking space and the entire product range directly on-screen. In addition, more and more companies are using the latest technology such as augmented reality. Images and video filters for an intuitive, fun experience. Virtual makeovers, trending styles and colors, lipsticks, blush, etc. – accessible and buyable with just one click.

Augmented reality goes social

Makeup filters have long been a hot topic on social media channels. Large brands present their individual beauty filters and thereby achieve close customer loyalty and awareness. The virtual community is more about what looks good in photos than in reality. AR conjures up a simple selfie with white teeth and perfect makeup. It has never been easier and more exciting to suggest a different image.
“For companies, individual filters offer the opportunity to launch new products and make ad campaigns more interesting”, reveals Il Jung, managing director of Perfect Storm GmbH. A company that specializes in AR / VR solutions. “New products can be provided as virtual test versions to create an enormous marketing effect.”

Virtual effects overlay real images in real-time and work on any smartphone or browser. They are not subject to hygiene regulations, eco friendly and reusable. In the current situation, where every human contact has to be reduced to a minimum, exciting online shopping worlds are an excellent opportunity for companies to be close to their customers (at least digitally).

Company contact

Perfect Storm GmbH
Geschäftsführer: Il Jung, Tan Nguyen
Am Kronberger Hang 3
65824 Schwalbach a.Ts.
Telefon: +49 (0)6196 9520 617

Press contact

Sue May
Telefon: +49 (0) 6196-9520614

About Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm specializes in digital marketing consulting, creative strategic planning, social media, and AR / VR / MR technology. There is nothing we cannot digitize.
Immerse yourself in the world of AR shopping! All products directly on your screen: check which makeup you like, whether the shoes match your style and the sunglasses match your haircut.

Your solution for the absence of the presence.

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