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There’s a new wind blowing in the digital world.

Perfect Storm will swipe you off your feet with new Augumented / Virtual Reality solutions. Our technology is designed for a variety of business areas such as cosmetics and beauty, automobile customer experience, food menus, jewelry platforms etc. There is basically no limit to application possibilities.

AR technology has entered the beauty industry through quick access to a variety of virtual cosmetic kits. Photo-realistic skin tone, hair color, style simulation and brow tools allow customers to try on makeup before purchasing. A whole new way to experience beauty products in the comfort of your own privacy. Realistic, virtual samples that don’t require an app download.

Visualize ingredients and allow your customers to look up all the dishes available to increase engagement. Hyper-realistic on-screen menus will fire-up every order experience; on-table, take-away or online orders. Sell more items by suggesting appetizers, beverages or desert combos on the AR menu.

Add information to dishes like ingredients (i.e. important for allergy sufferers), calories & nutrition or levels of spiciness to ensure customer satisfaction.

Visualize a 3D-model of your prospective car with a detailed look at the equipment and interior. Customize a car in the setting of your choice in a showroom on your screen. Increase online engagement and let buyers explore an image-based pre-configuration. Use ARI as your sales-promoting instrument to convert more customers and higher value configurations.


Lifestyle and shopping

Furniture, clothes, footwear, toys, diy, lifestyle products – there’s no limit to the areas AR can be resorted to. Since the world of online and offline shopping is converging more and more, AR technology impacts both sectors, spanning different industries and use cases.

A unique “at home” retail experience allows customers to flick through different styles, colors, sizes and textures of virtual items. AR gives merchants the tool to feature their products in a fun and friendly way, strong visual presentations will guide shoppers and empower them to lively 3D-versions of their shopping list.

Customers who trusted us

Current market Issue


The current situation with topics such as social distance rules and strict hygiene measures requires beauty shoppers to go new ways in dealing with makeup testers and product samples.

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With the latest in augmented reality technology, ARI builds a bridge to the virtual shopping world to test products without having to enter a physical store.

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Scan & Try it yourself

Simply scan a QR code attached to the menu or open the app. Share pictures and videos of your looks with ARI to SNS on your favorite social media platforms or messenger.

IG Lips
FB Lips

Global Digital Marketing. Creative planning and consulting. Partner of several multi-billion dollar companies in various fields of business. Provider of new media solutions.

facebook ad manager to maximize profitability. Distribute your budget to the most efficient target automatically. Open a shop on facebook and manage it hassle-free through many automated features. Gain insights and have statistics and analytics right on display.

Social media integrated analysis solution that is certified as facebook Marketing Partner (AdTech) and Instagram Partner (Community Manager & AdTech).

SNS management, statistics, analytics and insights for Instagram, facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Manage multiple SNS accounts on one structured presentation.

Chatbot solution to conduct conversations with customer requests and questions any time anywhere. A smart dialog system to provide the best customer service and query management. Change your face of business with a virtual assistant that chats with your customers in real-time.

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